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The missile that never existed.


     I first saw the West Texas fertilizer plant explosion video via YouTube on my cell phone. The blast occurred on April 17th 2013 killing a reported 14 - 15 individuals, depending on what news report you read. Different news sites have a different number for those believed dead. I initially saw the fertilizer plant explosion and assumed it was accidental. Initially, it didn't look any different from other explosions I have seen before. I assumed west fertilizers chemicals overheated and caused the massive blast. 
     That night after work, my wife and I were watching Fox News. The West Texas explosion came on and showed the first video that I initially saw on my phone, but I had a better view by a 44 inch difference in screen size. While watching, I saw a distinct flash incoming from the left of the frame. I also heard a high pitched noise before the explosion similar to the sound of an extended whistle. 


Of course, I cannot find a video image of the initial broadcast, that doesn't have the missile blurred out. In the first image compared to the second, you easily see altercation to blur the missile. The man interviewed is the original recorder of the video angle shown. When my wife an I saw the missile on the news, it was not yet altered and blurred out. 

Nope, you are not looking at two different videos. The original video is here and also shows the blurring/altercation when clicking play/pause before and after the missile enters the frame. 

I also clipped a video to show the altercations in real time. In the video below, you will clearly see the tree widening and the fence post disappearing. This is not an optical illusion, this is due to the media and government blurring the missile to hide it. 

While it's not a clear picture, I believe the screen shot below to be the missiles outline. I believe whoever altered the videos meant to blur this one a lot more. 

     The most ignorant thing by far in my life, was not to record the broadcast and take pictures. I assumed I would have another chance to view the same video, but no luck. Although a picture of the missile is missing, I believe there is more than enough evidence listed below, to prove what my wife and I observed. When watching the West Texas update on Fox news, I struggled to get the T.V. paused in time to catch the incoming flash before the explosion. After about the 8th attempt between the :25 and :26 second mark, I finally got the frame I wanted. 

     It was nearly impossible to see anything resembling a solid object, even with the incoming flash helping to light the frame. Immediately before the tree nearly centered in the frame closest to the fertilizer plant, something caught my eye. I would soon learn that the blast was what my wife and I know to be intentional murder, assuming the deaths were real. I am a Marine Corps veteran of four years. I served from 1997 - 2001. I was active duty stationed in Camp Lejeune NC. My MOS or job school was in Ft. Sill OK. My job title was 0811, artillery.

I served my 4 years in the Marine Corps and received my good conduct medal and honorable discharge. Once a Marine, Always a Marine and I continue to live by honor, courage and commitment. During my time in Marine artillery, I have watched thousands of projectiles travel, impact and explode.
No matter how absurd, ignorant, stupid, moronic, insane, and dumb what I am about to write and provide may appear, please view what I have collected since April 17th 2013. I have researched this obsessively because of what my wife and I saw. I feel it is my duty to the murdered victims of West Texas, to expose the truth of what happened. I beg of you from one human being to another and for the victims of the West Texas Fertilizer plant explosion, please research and test the evidence. 
     The object I saw the night of April 17th on the Fox broadcast with the T.V. paused was literally the worst thing I have ever seen. What I saw appeared between 8-15 ft. long in the lower level of smoke from the burning plant. The object was directly in front of the heat flash approximately 
3 - 6 ft  ahead of it. A million thoughts and questions immediately ran through my mind. I got chills and doubted what I was seeing. I saw what clearly looked like a missile or projectile. The object had a rounded nose in the front, appeared between 15 - 30 in. in width. It had what looked like wings to it's center, appearing maybe 1/4 of the objects length. I could only imagine they were for flight stabilization and direction. It had what looked like at least 3 guidance fins at the rear. It was a distinct red color. A completely different shade from the fire, smoke, or anything else in the frame. The projectile had distinct solid lines enclosing it. As defined as the object was when my eyes finally recognized it, the missile may have never been spotted, if I hadn't been 3-6 inches away from my T.V. screen.

     I have never seen a projectile up close or fired from a distance, that matched what I was seeing. I have seen and heard Fighter Jet missiles launched and impact during Marine training at Twenty Nine Palms California, but never a cruise missile impact. The most common projectile we fired in the Marines was the 155mm M107 "HE or High Explosive" round seen below. I also included a link if you wish to read more on the projectile. 

     The projectile I was seeing on my T.V. was the most difficult and unbelievable thing I have ever witnessed in life. To test whether my eyes were truthful or lying, I asked my wife to step a few inches from the T.V. Without suggestion of what I believed to be seeing, I asked my wife if she saw anything that looked misplaced or odd. I did not guide her to the direction I believed the projectile to be in. My worst fears were realized when my wife's attention picked up the object in her vision. I tested what she was seeing in comparison to what I was seeing.

     I asked my wife what color it looked like to her and she said it looks "red". I asked her if she saw anything that could be reflecting what she was seeing and she found nothing. I asked her to describe what she was seeing besides the color. She described a rounded nose, wings towards the center and   3 or 4 fins at the rear. I asked my wife if it looked like the object had direction. We both observed the object directed on line with the burning fertilizer plant. Neither one of us could make out any writing or numbers on the projectile. Lastly, I asked my wife her opinion of what she thought the object was. "It looks like a missile". We both looked one another directly in the eyes as if we had both seen an illusion or ghost. My first thought upon seeing the projectile was why? My wife's first question to me was why?

     My response of course - I don't know. We agreed with one another that it doesn't make sense. Our question to one another was, why would anyone fire a missile into a fertilizer plant, much less a plant already on fire? This challenged everything we knew of logic and reason. What we both saw tested our core belief and how we will view reality for the rest of our lives. We began our research into why or if someone, really shot a projectile or missile into a burning fertilizer plant. The more we researched and compared our findings, the worse things seemed to appear. My first task was to research images of projectiles and missiles to rule out or verify the image we saw.

      I did a google images search of projectiles and missiles. The object which looked most familiar to what I saw was the picture of a red tomahawk cruise missile. Directly right is the picture of a red U.S. navy tomahawk cruise missile. I showed the object to my wife and she believed it was a match as well. Once again, we looked one another in the eyes in a state of shock searching our minds for a possible motive or accident. We knew that since the missile wasn't being reported in the mainstream media, it was not an accident but an intentional murder and cover up, a false flag, or another country attacking us. I assume that if another country shot a missile into us, it would be headline news. Unless they were covering it up to keep the public from fear. With our history, that wouldn't make much sense, when many politicians and governments use fear, to manipulate the public and advance their agendas. Still the possibility was there for a foreign attack and cover up.  I searched for cruise missile pictures from other countries and found none which looked completely red.

     While I couldn't find a video with the missile not altered out, I did find what appears to be pieces of the missile immediately after impact. "Where the target is porous, significant amounts of the ejecta are composed of sheared and compressed fragments, some coated with dark layers of mixed projectile pieces"

"Rims are high and the amount of ejecta large in down-trajectory and lateral directions, whereas rims are low to nonexistent and ejecta thin to absent up- trajectory ."

I did a video search to see if there was footage of our military firing a solid red cruise missile. The closest match I found is a red tomahawk cruise missile being launched out of a submarine. The missile is shown in the video at 1:38 in.

Here is a South Korean cruise missile. There were absolutely no checkered stripes on the missile we saw.
South Korean Cruise Missile

     Why a cruise missile? This is speculation because I am not certain of the motive, but there are many possibilities. I believe this was a failed arson by our government, that didn't blow the plant. A cruise missile was a fast and simple solution to blow the plant. Cruise missiles have long range capabilities. If caught in the act, which they were, their excuse could be to blame the missile on another country. I found an article which was very interesting about North Korea threatening to fire a missile into Austin TX. I believe with strong confidence that this is a fabricated story to cover themselves, when getting caught in West Texas. If the story is actually truthful, it would still give them a cover, if no one could identify the missile.

     Just a hunch, but I don't think North Korea would risk suicide, by hitting an already on fire fertilizer plant. They would likely go for a higher profile target. As far as misfires, I would assume $1,000,000++ missiles don't have too many misfires. Plus, if you are going to risk war with one missile, you usually follow up with many more, not just one. Below is a link from CNN reporting the threat to Austin Texas of all places.

     The threat was because we reportedly flew into North Korea's air space if the report isn't another manifestation.  If it was another countries failed arson, would they really have time to get a missile here without being detected by us? Did the country that set the plant on fire send the missile beforehand because they knew their arson would fail? Would we not pick up another countries cruise missile on radar before impact? Would we not be bombing the hell out of North Korea right now if they hit us with a missile?

        I searched other countries cruise missiles or similar weapons in attempt to identify the missile my wife and I saw. I couldn't find one image or video of another country launching what looks to be a solid red cruise missile. To further challenge myself  as to what my wife and I saw, I watched as many videos as I could find on ammonium nitrate as I could find. No natural explosions including ammonium nitrate explode like an impacted explosion. All natural explosions I could find happen from the center of the heat source and have a uniform explosion. All missile explosions and impacts have a reflected debris pattern from the angle they arrive. The "V" and "Y" patterns only occur in impacted explosions. 

        I pulled this next video to show how the missile lights the entire video frame a millisecond before hitting the plant. This video wasn't shown on any major media outlets that I saw. I didn't see this one until I did a web search. Many people when watching this explosion claim that the initial flash from the left, was somehow chemicals from the plant reacting and causing a chain reaction. If that is so, then the entire video frame shouldn't light up, before the football field gap sparks the explosion. The missile lighting the entire frame is proof that the left flare wasn't from the plant, but supports the missile my wife and I saw. 

     The clip above shows the heat signature or heat trail of the missile.  There is a clear outline left on the videos which show the missiles flight path. The flight path has a direct line to the burning plant and partially remains visible after the missile strikes. This clip was seen above, but this one is on a different video player and shows clearer frames. I also traced around and above the heat trail to show the empty area in the middle of the explosion filled with smoke. If this was simply a chemical chain reaction igniting the blast, there wouldn't be so much smoke and empty space in between the explosions fire.


     Undeniable evidence of the West Texas missile is in the smoke patterns. The picture frames clearly show the missiles entry point at the left. Notice the difference on the two sides in the smoke patterns. This is immediately after impact and directly before the explosion reaches the missiles signature entry.

Another frame which shows the cruise missiles entry. The arrows to the right are referencing the cruise missiles blast and explosion prior to the plants main explosion.         

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      The cruise missile streaks in debris blast patterns are near exact, minus the burning fertilizer chemicals in the fire and smoke. The direction of debris is also accurate with the missiles direction and impact. Notice the streaking in the debris which is a trademark of the cruise missile. Another fact of the cruise missile exploding the plant is a comparison of the amount of dirt blasted upward. 
     The cruise missile impact knocks up an enormous amount of dirt from the downward momentum and explosion. The plant knocks up no where near the amount of dirt as the cruise missile. That is because the plant was an above ground explosion. Physics degree or not, everyone knows a downward explosion will knock up more dirt than  an above ground explosion, when the explosions are comparable in force.

It only takes "1" letter to link this explosion to the tomahawk cruise missile. "V" In the screen shots left/right and the one's above, you see a "V" in the blast patterns. The West Texas fertilizer plant is to the left and the cruise missile is to the right.

Again, to the left is the plant and the right is a cruise missile. Notice There are similar "Y" and "V" shaped explosions. Both the center of the impacts at the plant curise missile and the cruise missile to the right, have what appear to be an empty space in the center of them. I can only assume this empty looking space is from how the cruise missile impacts and where the explosives are placed inside the missile.

The picture below is the explosion of the plant immediately after the cruise missile explosion.
The cruise missile impact/explosion and plant explosion are very unique and easily differentiated.

  The video above shows the cruise missile blast isolated. 

     The video above is the cruise missile explosion followed by the plant explosion. The missile entry and the impact are in accordance with the path of the debris blast. There are obviously two major explosions, yet the mainstream media has only ever reported one 10 ft. deep crater, along with the width, with no description of the flooring or ground construction. There should be two deep craters instead of just one that the mainstream media has been reporting.  As far as ammonium nitrate and anhydrous ammonia which the government is pushing to further regulate, there is zero evidence of how this explosion could have occurred "naturally" or "accidentally", there is only theory.  There is plenty of objective evidence of the cruise missile, including the original videos. Every mainstream media story attempting to explain how the explosion happened is crap. They already know how this explosion happened, because of the big red tomahawk cruise missile on their video's! 

     The video below shows a rocket fuel plant exploding. There is a very strong wind blowing the smoke left to right. However, like most to all other large scale explosions, this one starts from the center of the fire, not left to right like West Texas. Notice the difference in smoke patterns after the explosion. The smoke/debris is not streaky and uneven like West Texas, because it wasn't hit by a cruise missile like West Texas. The smoke and debris are more evenly spread out. The fire at the center of the explosion is also equally spread out. The fire of the cruise missiles explosion in West Texas was patchy which you would expect from a downward impact and explosion. 


     If you claim the videos and images lack credibility because they are on YouTube,  may I remind you that every news site shows the residents videos of the explosion. There is "not one" media video published of this explosion. The fire was burning a reported 20+ minutes before explosion. Knowing the amazing blast that ammonium nitrate and anhydrous ammonia can spark, I find it nearly unbelievable that a media source wouldn't rush to get this on camera, almost as unbelievable as a cruise missile. Whats more odd is that our media had aerial coverage and images published after the explosion taken during the night, but none of the daytime view while the plant is still burning. There is not one picture of the plant or it's surroundings on fire before it got dark.  This is the closest time after the explosion in which I could find what appears to be daylight media pictures. Notice you cannot see one burning flame which remains on or around the plant. The explosion was reported to have happened at the Texas plant at 7:50 pm by CNN.

     NBC and most other news sites say the explosion happened just before 8 pm.
KHOU a Houston News station reports the fire starting at 7:29 with the explosion occuring at "around 8."
     Unbelievable, after almost a month of analyzing media reports on this story, I finally noticed a major discrepancy in the reported times of the plants initial fire. There are many news sites reporting this fire starting at 6:30pm according to the mayor. Most mainstream news outlets reported the fire starting right at 7:30pm accept for the AP above. The local media had almost an hour and a half to get video before the plant blew. Are you telling me that not one news helicopter or media source couldn't have gotten a picture or video, before or right after the plant exploding? Do they not have zoom on those thousand dollar cameras? That's almost more unbelievable than a red tomahawk cruise missile hitting the plant.  

Reports of the fire starting at 6:30pm:

Reports of the fire starting at or around 7:30pm:

      On the video clipped from the Houston news station directly above, you will see aerial video coverage immediately before and after the explosion, but not during. The helicopter moves even further away immediately after the explosion, why was this? They likely caught the missile striking the plant causing it to explode. A news station would not suddenly stop recording for one of the biggest explosions ever caught on tape, unless ordered to do so by the government. The missile striking the plant may be on the helicopter footage and was seized, all under the claim of suspected terrorism. Or the pilot may have been scared by the missile, and thought we were under attack. We are and were under attack, just not from a foreign entity this time.

     My wife and I searched for a motive our government would have to destroy the plant. West fertilizer company was recently in a lawsuit with one of the largest and most powerful companies in the world, "Monsanto". From what little I can find published on the lawsuit between Monsanto and West Fertilizer is that West was fighting a takeover from Monsanto. West Fertilizer also accused Monsanto of inflating and fixing market prices. "The suit, filed as a potential class action in U.S. District Court for the western district of Texas, claimed that Monsanto had artificially inflated prices for its herbicide Roundup through anti-competitive actions."

     There is too much to cover on Monsanto in this one blog. Some key facts about Monsanto is that they are one of the most powerful political lobbyists in the world. From my early impressions, Monsanto is attempting if not already achieved, to create a monopoly on our food additives, fertilizers to grow, and who is allowed to grow. Former Monsanto executives run our EPA, USDA, an FDA. Monsanto created both "agent orange" used in Vietnam. In 1967, Monsanto was also a main supplier of Zyklon-B to Hitler's Germany. Zyklon-B was the gas used by Hitler's army to kill the Jews.


     I believe West Texas was one of two conclusions. It's one big sick joke of a movie, or the murders of innocent Americans to push further regulation and control. Either one equals sick and demented. The proof is that the government blew the plant with a red tomahawk cruise missile, then blamed the explosion on lack of regulation. The mainstream media is associating this explosion with Timothy McVeigh and other fertilizer based explosives of the past. There are also recent associations with fertilizer thefts being used in making methamphetamine.

     The media predicted and promoted that ammonium nitrate caused the blast before the "investigators" claimed so. The mainstream media and government are all pushing zoning regulations for other fertilizer plants, that would kill those close to missile attacks. The motives, to steal from the $10 billion+ annual revenues of the fertilizer and pesticide industry. All under the false claim of "protection".
I first thought it may only be a liberal cover up and murder until I saw Fox News also promoting regulation and association with terrorism.

     This explosion is also being associated with the "most deadly ammonium nitrate" explosion in history, the 1947 "Texas City Disaster" which killed a "reported" 581 people. I'm not sure why they added the 1 instead of just writing 580. Then again, different sources report a different number of deaths. The honest news sources write the exact amount of deaths are unknown. The Texas City Disaster occurred on April 16th into the morning of April 17th. The West Texas explosion happened on April 17th, with 66 years between the two, a coincidence? The "reported" estimated damages both explosions totaled "100 million". Some media sources are writing West Texas cost "$100+ million". Is this just another random coincidence?

     I believe further cover up of this attack is revealed in what the media wrote about the investigators excavating dirt with heavy equipment. I believe they are removing "already examined dirt" so that no traces of "DU or Depleted Uranium" from the cruise missile can be found in the soil. The West Texas residents likely have DU in their systems considering it can be inhaled. Below are links from ABC and Yahoo news of the investigators excavating for almost a month straight since the explosion happened.
    "Authorities have not yet begun to fully investigate the approximately 90 foot wide crater left by the blast Kistner said. On Thursday, teams were sifting through the dirt at the former site of an administrative building next to the crater. Investigators in dark blue uniforms and light blue helmets raked through piles of dirt and lifted debris. Many of them had worked almost every day since the blast. Small skid-steer loaders carried away piles of dirt that had already been examined. "
The article failed to mention that many of the investigators were wearing respirators. 

     The mainstream media has also been reporting the width of the blast craters, but failing to report the depth of the craters. Most reports I read claimed the crater was 10 ft deep while some claimed 13 ft deep. One media source reported the blast went through at least 3 ft. of solid concrete plus and additional 10 ft. I have only found one news site that gave any description of the floor or ground the blast went through. There is a large amount of information around the motives and oddities in this  attack that I have left out for lack of time. I will update when more is learned. 

     The most recent mainstream media story on West Texas is that a paramedic who was at the blast site, was arrested for having explosive making devices or materials.
Seeing what I have already seen of this entire story, I am highly skeptical of this report. It is most likely a false flag or a cover man to take the fall. There has to be a good excuse and added variables, to explain the length and depth of the "investigation". I prefer to call it a cover up. An investigation isn't needed when you have video of the proof.

     Control and regulation are pushed and passed through the manipulation of emotions and fear. Most to all regulations wanting to be passed now, which would compromise further freedoms should be viewed highly skeptical or outright denied, no matter the fear tactics. Our government and media in general are no longer trustworthy, yet there are many public servants that truly serve with a conscience. Those in power who have killed innocent citizens for control and money are egotistical maniacs, lacking a conscience to value human life besides their own. Anyone whom condones murders and the cover up are ACCESSORIES to murder and should be held accountable! Yet with political power and influence, those guilty are held to different class standards. What is more disturbing of the West Texas missile attack is that our president may be the puppet of others in power behind the scenes. He may be in as much fear as those that covered up these murders. Politicians and media who hide and manipulate the truth are in direct promotion of anarchy. When leaders are no longer respected and trusted to lead, the general public begins to lead themselves, follows whichever group most confirms their beliefs, or those that enslave them.

     What were my motivations to research this information and write the blog? I asked myself this along with asking my wife and friends. Do I want this information to be true and if so, why do I want it to be true? Why would I want others to believe I am telling the truth? I examined my beliefs of what my wife and I saw and what we concluded. My motivation was to expose the murders of the West Texas victims who's deaths are being called an "accident". I believe general public and myself deserve the truth when we are paying all the bills. I have worked my butt off to get what I have in life, only to see innocent hard working citizens of West Texas be murdered for greed.

     I love my country and am appreciative for the freedoms we have in comparison to many more restricted countries. However, I am highly disgusted by my latest findings. The implications of me  and my wife's findings are that my military service, all current military, police, firefighters, public servants and veterans risked their lives, many of them died, while it was all for nothing! It is truly despicable when hypocritical politicians and government officials, who claim to protect others lives, only serve their own lives. If there are any politicians or government officials left with a conscience, please hold those guilty of the West Texas Murders and Cover Up accountable. Is paper and a material life worth the sacrifice of conscience and soul?

Dedicated to the victims of West Texas.


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